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We are 3months today.

Today makes it exactly 3 months that we launched online operation. We want to thank all our investors for the trust they have in us by releasing funds to us to manage on their behalf and we promise not to disappoint you all.

Your patronage is what keeps us in business as your invested funds help us to have more funds to put into trading and this means increased exposure and opportunity to  market. This over all has helped in maximising profit.

To celebrate our 3 month milestone we will be offering some huge bonus to our old and new investors.

*Every new deposit into our Base plan will give additional 20% of deposit.

*Every new deposit into our Premium plan -Premium Enterprise plan gives additional 30% of deposit.

*Every new deposit into our VIP and Premium Enterprise Plan gives additional 10% of deposit.
Referral bonus remains 5%.

These offers last from today September 26 to October 26, 2018.


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