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Mid week update

Hello all, as you know that Admin is working to get the best for all of us. So, even if you are not happy with this update be sure that its for the best.

First I will say congratulations to everyone who joined Premium enterprise plan @ 5% daily this week. You will continue to receive this % till the plan ends. But for new investors joining that plan, the interest has been reduced back to 1% daily base on market condition. As you may all notice, btc market isn't very active this week most likely because of the Chinese holiday from Oct 1 - 7.

About the paid membership feature we just added, which is to be a MLM system that will help you earn more money when you refer someone and they also upgrade. Then, you get some % of the upgrade fee and also members of your tree will get some portion of the fee too.

 We decided to add another condition to the member upgrade feature, which is that only upgraded members will now earn referral commission of 5% while free/not upgraded member will earn 2% referral bonus. Upgrade fee is just $50 for a lifetime and also remember that aside referral bonus, when your downline also upgrades you get $20 from their upgrade fee while $5 is distributed to everyone in your tree. However note that upgrading is not compulsory for you to earn and withdraw from your investments.

Continue investing while your earnings grow everyday. Thanks



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