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Our new Website Launched

Hello all, i do hope you are having a nice time investing with Ace Invest. Finally we updated a new website with better features and performance than the previous one. Thanks for your patience while we role out the new website.

One major upgrade of the new website over the previous one is that now you do not need an admin to confirm your deposit. With the new upgrade, deposits are confirmed automatically and credited into your dashboard. The payment system has also been reduced to Bitcoin and Perfect Money, maybe later we may include others but this is not a promise.

To login on the new website upgrade you can use still use your old login details. However, new users that will just be registering will create a unique username while registering which will be used for their login. All running investments have been moved too but start afresh like you just invested. We are sorry if you are displeased with this.

Lastly the new upgrade comes with a MLM feature which could be an added means of earning should you be skilled at networking. It is a binary tree MLM program but not compulsory for anyone to participate if all you want is to invest and start earning without any stress. We have also introduced some new plans and increased our ROI. You can see the details on the homepage or in your dashboard.

Also remember that we have a generous referral commission program which gives 5% of your down line invested funds every time they invest. You should not miss that!

Thank you all.


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